ABRM - Anti-Black Racism

ABRM330 Introduction to Anti-Black Racism (3 Credits)

This interdisciplinary course seeks to provide a broad overview of this rich and dynamic history. Built around the expertise of top UMD faculty in five colleges, this course will introduce students to the history and legacy of anti-Black racism from the perspective of multiple disciplines. In this course you will examine the development, spread, and articulations of anti-Black racism in the United States.

Additional Information: This interdisciplinary course will consist of two-week modules from key faculty/scholars in College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of Arts and Humanities, School of Public Health, School of Public Policy, and College of Education to explore how anti-Black racism operates in society.

ABRM450 Applied Anti-Black Racism (3 Credits)

The purpose of this course is to apply knowledge rooted in Anti-Black Racism to a real-world problem or issue within your chosen discipline or planned career path. You will meet with the course instructor and each other to discuss the readings, ideas and frameworks of anti-Black racism. The rest of the course will operate similar to an independent study; you will choose a mentor from your home department to work with on a self-directed, practice-oriented project. Beginning with a framework rooted in understanding anti-Black racism, you will identify issues of anti-Black racism specific to your discipline, select one of those issues within which to explore current solutions and their shortcomings, and draft a proposal that addresses the anti-Black racism embedded within the issue itself.

Prerequisite: ABRM330.