CLAX - Classics Education Abroad

CLAX101 Ancient Rome: Civilization and Legacy (3 Credits)

Introduces students to the history and culture of the Roman world, from the Rome's beginnings in myth and legend through its rise to domination of the Mediterranean world, its violent conversion from a Republic to an Empire, and the long success of that Empire down to its collapse in the fifth century A.D. Course readings are supplemented by slides, videos and an overnight field trip to Rome.

CLAX102 Greek and Roman Mythology (3 Credits)

Explores mythology by studying the origins and history of a people, their deities, ancestors and heroes. The stories of the gods and legendary heroes of the Greco-Roman tradition have provided the fountainhead for literature and the arts in the service of religious and political imagery down to the present. Explores literature, with extensive readings of such writers as Homer and Vergil (noting, in passing, the influence upon later literature), and the visual depiction of these myths will also be studied.

Credit Only Granted for: CLAS170 or CLAX102.

Additional Information: This course is offered as part of the Maryland-in-Rome study abroad program. Students must apply for this program through Education Abroad: More information at Education Abroad processes registrations for this course on behalf of students.