AGST - Agricultural Science and Technology

AGST130 Did Yeast Create Civilization? (3 Credits)

Fermented foods have played a major role in the transition from nomadic to settled agrarian societies, the establishment of social and religious customs, the expansion of empires, and modern economies. To what extent are our past and current attitudes towards fermented foods rooted in historical and cultural imprints? Explore the central role of fermentation in human history and culture, the basic microbiological processes underlying fermentation processes, and the processes used to produce and distribute fermented foods. Find out how the fruits, grains, and dairy products used to produce fermented foods are grown and selected. Students will learn about the development and modern use of fermented dairy products, pickles, bread, tea, chocolate, wine, beer, distilled liquors, and pharmaceutical/manufactured products.

Recommended: CHEM103, CHEM131, CHEM135, or CHEM146. Cross-listed with: PLSC130.

Credit Only Granted for: AGST130 or PLSC130.