Tuition and Bill Payment Information

Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering
1135 Lee Building
301-405-0659 fax

Tuition and fees for the University of Maryland, College Park, are listed in the next section. The university requires that all deposits and fees be paid by stated deadlines, or penalties may be imposed. Many potential administrative difficulties can be avoided if students carefully follow published procedures and notify the appropriate office(s) of any changes that might affect their financial obligation to the university. This includes updating your email address so communication concerning your billing is prompt, and notifying the Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering of changes of address so that mail affecting the student's financial relationship with the university will not be delayed or returned.

Additional information for Summer Session, Winter Session, Freshmen Connection and certain Professional Programs may be found at

A deferred-payment plan for fall and spring semesters is available during a set enrollment period. Information regarding the Terp Payment Plan is available at

Future registration privileges for active students is granted once the balance on the account is below $250. Returning students will not be permitted to complete future term registration until all past due financial obligations to the university, including library fines, parking violations, and other penalty fees and service charges, are paid in full.

Although the university bills students monthly, it cannot assume their receipt. Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to notify the university of any change in their email address. If a student bill is not received on or before the beginning of each semester, it is the student's responsibility to obtain a copy of the bill. To check your account balance or view your monthly billing statement go to and choose "Access Account". 

Students are encouraged to utilize electronic payment methods as listed at All checks or money orders should be made payable to the University of Maryland for the exact amount due and not include any payment in excess. Student's name and student's University ID number should be written on the front of the check. University grants and scholarships will be posted to the student's account. However, the first bill mailed prior to the beginning of each semester may not include these credits.

Students are urged to check their residence hall and dining service agreements for procedures for cancellation of reservations and for deadlines for receiving refunds of deposits. Refunds cannot be made after these deadlines, even if the student decides not to attend the University of Maryland, College Park.

Students will incur a late payment fee in the event of failure to pay a balance on their student account by its due date. A late payment fee of 5% or $10.00, whichever is higher, will be assessed on the total past due amount once per Fall and once per Spring term. An additional 1.5% fee may be charged monthly thereafter on the past due account balance. 

Students who fail to pay the indebtedness during the semester in which delinquency occurs will be ineligible to register for subsequent semesters and not be permitted other university privileges including obtaining official transcripts until the debt and the penalty fees are cleared.

In the event a student with a delinquent account becomes registered for a future semester, the account must be settled in full prior to the onset of the future semester, to avoid cancellation of registration for that upcoming term. 

The state has established, under legislative mandate, a Central Collections Unit (CCU) within the Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning. The university is required by state law to refer all delinquent accounts to the State Collections Unit. Please note that Maryland law allows the Central Collections Unit to intercept state income tax refunds for individuals with delinquent accounts, and that CCU is authorized to notify a National Credit Bureau of the delinquency at the time the account is referred to it for collection.

Central Collections Unit costs incurred in collecting delinquent accounts will be charged to the student. The minimum collection fee is 17% plus attorney and/or court costs.

No degrees, diplomas, certificates, or transcripts of records will be issued to students who have not made satisfactory settlement of their accounts.

All accounts due from students, faculty, staff, non-students, etc., are included within these guidelines.

Note: Additional Information on Student Financial Obligations, Disclosure of Information, Delinquent Accounts, and Special Fees, can be found in the "Policy Statements" section at the beginning of this catalog.

Payment of Fees


VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards; VISA and MasterCard debit cards; and ACH (electronic checking) payments are accepted. There is no fee for ACH payments. There is a 2.75% processing fee charged by the university third party payment processor for credit and debit card payments. Online payments can be made by visiting

In Person or Mailed

All checks, money orders should be made payable to "University of Maryland." The student's University ID number must be written on the front. Cash is no longer accepted.