International Business Major

Associate Dean: Joseph Bailey, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean: Brian Horick

International Business responds to the global interest in international economic systems and their multicultural characteristics. This degree combines the college-required courses with International Business courses and provides students the opportunity to apply a specified upper level foreign language course toward this specialization's requirements. It is strongly recommended that this program be declared in combination with another major in or outside of business in order to assure that graduates will have specialized career focus.

Admission to the Major

See "Admission Requirements" on the Robert H. Smith School of Business page.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply elements of critical thinking.
  2. Identify common situations in chosen career that could result in ethical dilemma.
  3. Analyze ethical scenarios and apply frameworks to develop solutions.
  4. Foster and sustain team environments that are inclusive of ideas from all contributing members.
  5. Apply leadership skills to motivate and coordinate with other to achieve goals.
  6. Write professional-grade business documents.
  7. Develop and deliver effective oral presentations.
  8. Identify and use appropriate quantitative tools and techniques.
  9. Use software applications to analyze and solve problems.
  10. Explain how functional areas interact and drive one another.
  11. Identify and justify optimal transportation modes given the business needs of the shipper.
  12. Given various assumptions, analyze cost-service trade-offs and determine optimal inventory practices based on business needs.
  13. Identify and apply supply chain management principles and appropriate information technologies to solve real world problems in a global environment.

Course requirements for the junior-senior curriculum concentration in International Business are:

Course Title Credits
College Requirements
BMGT392Introduction to International Business Management3
BMGT454Global Marketing3
BMGT477International Supply Chain Management3
BMGT446International Finance3
BMGT463Cross-cultural Challenges in Business3
BMGT466Global Business Strategy3
Select one of the following:3-4
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory & Policy
Money and Banking
International Economics
Total Credits21-22

Note: Students who have completed ECON325 and ECON326 can substitute these courses for ECON305 and ECON306, respectively.  In addition, BMGT341 can substitute for ECON330.

In addition to the major requirements listed above, please see the Roberts H. Smith School of Business  under The Colleges and Schools or for a listing of additional Smith School degree requirements that apply to all Smith School majors.

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