Global Learning Initiatives

H.J. Patterson Hall
Phone: 301-405-8535

Director: Raluca Nahorniac, Ph.D.

Engage globally right from home! At UMD, impactful global experiences happen on our campus every day for students to immerse themselves, increase awareness and shift their perspectives on topics related to global injustice. 

Global Learning Initiatives (GLI) aims to advance Global Learning for All to ensure all students graduate as citizens and professionals who are dedicated to improving the global common good. GLI collaborates with academic units and international partners to develop unique global learning opportunities—including internships, leadership development and language learning programs.

Global Classrooms

GLI engineers UMD’s Global Classrooms, a first-of-its-kind virtual learning program allowing our students to connect and collaborate with classmates, faculty and communities from UMD and 25+ peer institutions around the world. Together, you will work with your cohort to gain real-world skills and take on the global challenges that impact us all. Whether it’s helping to advance healthcare in Bangladesh, design agricultural technology in Liberia or create an AI language app in Ecuador, Global Classrooms opens the door for students to create global impact without leaving our campus! Global Classrooms experiences range from short, one-class interactions to full semester courses. 

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Universitas 21

GLI also manages UMD’s collaborations as a member of the Universitas 21 (U21) network, which brings together research-intensive universities from six continents to exchange knowledge and perspectives. As a member of U21, students have the opportunity to participate in virtual exchanges like the U21 Global Citizens Program and U21 Sustainable Micro-internships free of charge.