Sociology Minor

Program Director: Nicole DeLoatch, Ph.D.

The Sociology Minor introduces students to the ways in which social institutions, such as the family, religion, education, mass media, the workplace, and the justice system inform individual and social trajectories. Students will analyze global social processes including culture, identity formation, war and peace, deviance and social control, aging, and social movements; and the investigation of inequalities, for example in the areas of race, class, and gender. Students who minor in sociology are advised to systematically choose their sociology electives (e.g., Social Psychology, Medical Sociology, Social Policy, Problems and Justice). Undergraduates may consult with the department's undergraduate advisor and the undergraduate director in deciding which electives to take. In completing minor requirements, only two courses (six semester credit hours) will be accepted in transfer from other colleges and universities, and only two courses can overlap with major requirements. 

Course Title Credits
SOCY100Introduction to Sociology3
One of the following courses:3-4
Human Societies
Sociological Social Psychology
One of the following courses:3
Inequality in American Society
Social Stratification and Inequality
300-400 Level Sociology Elective Courses9
Total Credits18-19