HGLO - Honors Global Communities

HGLO100 The Student in the University: Global Communities (1 Credit)

Students will develop a sense of community within the program, become familiar with campus resources, gain skills and information to prepare for the Global Experience Semester, and explore the surrounding international community.

Restriction: Must be enrolled in Honors Global Communities Living-Learning Program.

Credit Only Granted for: BSGC100 or HGLO100.

Formerly: BSGC100.

HGLO101 Globalization (3 Credits)

Is globalization sustainable? This course is an interdisciplinary exploration of globalization and anti-globalization through analysis of its impact on economic, political, social and environmental affairs. It introduces different frameworks for evaluating whether contemporary globalization is sustainable in its current form.

Restriction: Must be in Honors Global Communities Living-Learning program.

Credit Only Granted for: HGLO101 or BSGC101.

Formerly: BSGC101.