HGLO - Honors Global Communities

HGLO100 The Student in the University: Global Communities (1 Credit)

Students will develop a sense of community within the program, become familiar with campus resources, gain skills and information to prepare for the Global Experience Semester, and explore the surrounding international community.

Restriction: Must be enrolled in Honors Global Communities Living-Learning Program.

Credit Only Granted for: BSGC100 or HGLO100.

Formerly: BSGC100.

HGLO101 Saving the World With Data (3 Credits)

The world is grappling with many intractable issues, like climate change, pandemics, democratic backsliding, and inequality. How can we use data analysis to help us better understand and work to solve these problems? In this class students will engage with a wide range of issues affecting the entire globe. In addition, they will also gain valuable data science skills by learning the basics of coding in R. No previous programing experience is required.

Restriction: Must be in Honors Global Communities Living-Learning program.

Credit Only Granted for: HGLO101 or BSGC101.

Formerly: BSGC101.