Religious Programs

1101 Memorial Chapel
Phone: 301-314-9866 or 301-314-9893

The following chaplains and their services are available:

Mrs. Jessica Senasack         
2120 Memorial Chapel
Phone: 410-627-1096

Black Student Ministries
Dr. Haywood A. Robinson III
1112 Memorial Chapel

Christian Science
Ms. Jennifer Eidson
2118 Memorial Chapel
Phone: 240-481-6278

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
Currently vacant

Rev. Ray Ranker (Interim)
2116 Memorial Chapel
Phone: 301-405-8448  

Ms. Kiran Sankhla
2112 Memorial Chapel

Jewish - Chabad
Rabbi Eli Backman
Chabad Jewish Student Center
7403 Hopkins Ave., College Park
Phone: 301-277-2994

Jewish - Hillel
Rabbi Ari Israel
Hillel Jewish Student Center
7612 Mowatt Lane, College Park
Phone: 301-422-6200

Rev. Raymond Ranker
2103 Memorial Chapel
Phone: 301-405-8448

Mr. Tarif Shraim
2105 Memorial Chapel
Phone: 240-499-4733

Orthodox Christian
Rev. Kosmas Karavellas
2647 Riva Road, Annapolis
Phone: 410-573-2072

Roman Catholic
Fr. Conrad Murphy
Catholic Student Center
4141 Guilford Rd., College Park
Phone: 301-864-6223
United Campus Ministry (Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, United Church of Christ)
Rev. Holly Ulmer
2101 Memorial Chapel
Phone: 301-405-8450

United Methodist
Rev. Michelle Mejia
2102 Memorial Chapel
Phone: 301-970-9777