Education Abroad

1118 H.J. Patterson Hall
Phone: 301-314-7746

Interim Director: Lauren Rusczcyk

The mission of Education Abroad is to empower all students with the knowledge, skills and perspectives to become engaged global citizens—leaders and professionals with a strong sense of social responsibility who fearlessly embrace global and local challenges with optimism, passion and innovative thinking. At UMD, over 23 percent of our students study abroad prior to graduation. 

Experiences like study abroad give our students an international edge in the job market after graduation and throughout their career. During their time abroad, students build cross-cultural competence, a deeper understanding of perspectives different from their own and problem solving skills. 

Education Abroad offers more than 300 programs in over 60 countries and can accommodate each student's academic, financial and personal needs. All majors are able to study abroad with programs designed to complement academic plans and enhance learning through experiential opportunities. Our programs are credit-bearing and students may earn major, minor, general education or elective credits abroad. Internship and service learning programs are also available. Programs are offered during the summer, winter, spring break, semester or academic year.

Start Your Journey with Education Abroad

It’s never too early to begin your global journey at UMD! Education Abroad recommends students meet with their academic advisor to discuss requirements for your academic track and courses commonly taken abroad. 

Education Abroad offers a variety of resources for students to explore study abroad opportunities, including:

  • EA Advising: Professional advisors guide students in the selection of suitable programs and the arrangement of academic credit, assist with applications for financial aid, conduct pre-departure orientations, and provide on-call support to participants overseas.
  • Program Search: Browse study abroad programs by course topic, country, term, and more. 
  • Study Abroad Course Database: View past study abroad courses to see how study abroad might fit into your academic plan.