Technology Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation Minor

Director: James Green, Ph.D.

A firm grasp of the entrepreneurial process benefits every person engaged in developing innovations, from startups to established companies and organizations. The goal of the Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation is to infuse students with that knowledge and its accompanying skills. Armed with an entrepreneurial mindset and skill set, innovators can better drive economic growth by launching successful ventures and bringing new products and services to market. Students earn the minor by completing coursework that may include entrepreneurial opportunity analysis, strategies for managing innovation, marketing high-technology products, financing and leading new ventures, and international entrepreneurship.

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The 15-credit undergraduate minor is completed from a subset of 17 courses. At least nine credits must be completed at the 400-level to earn the minor. While course options are available, application of 100 and 200-level courses is limited to a total of six credits.

Course Title Credits
ENES140Discovering New Ventures3
ENES210Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis and Decision-Making in 21st Century Technology Ventures3
ENES460Fundamentals of Technology Start-Up Ventures3
ENES461Advanced Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis in Technology Ventures3
ENES462Marketing High-Technology Products and Innovations3
ENES463Strategies for Managing Innovation3
ENES464International Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
ENES466Leading and Financing the Technology Venture3
ENES471Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship3
HEIP143Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Innovation1
HEIP240Exploring International Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
HEIP241EIP Capstone: Creating Enterprise with Social Impact2
SMLP470Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Ventures3
SMLP471Entrepreneurial Finance3
SMLP472Strategies for Innovation & Entrepreneurship3
SMLP473Consulting in Tech Entrepreneurship3
SMLP474Essentials of Negotiations and Marketing for Entrepreneurs (Essentials of Negotiations and Marketing for Entrepreneurs)3