Transfer Admission

Admission to the University of Maryland (UMD) is competitive. Students are encouraged to read the Admission Review Factors and Process for more information regarding our admission process. Admission is based on the overall strength of the student's academic performance and is assessed through a holistic review.

In accordance with the Maryland Higher Education Commission and Board of Regents transfer policies, certain applicants from Maryland public institutions are given special consideration and are admitted when space is available.

Transfer Applicant Requirements

The Admission Committee considers the student's academic record and grades received in all college-level courses. Students are expected to have completed English Composition (the equivalent of UMD's ENGL101 course) and college-level mathematics (the equivalent of UMD's MATH107 course or equivalent to the general education fundamental mathematics requirement) for best consideration in the review process.

High school graduates who have completed at least 12 semester hours or 18 quarter hours after high school graduation (or after completion of high school equivalency) at a regionally accredited college or university should apply as transfer applicants. Students who have completed fewer than 30 semester or 45 quarter hours (after high school graduation) at the time of application, are expected to submit high school records and standardized test scores (optional) for review. 

When an applicant has attended more than one institution, a cumulative average for all previous college work attempted will be computed and included in the review process. To be considered, coursework must have been completed at a regionally accredited college or university. Due to space limitations, we are unable to offer admission to all students who have the ability to be academically successful at UMD. Please review the Transfer Applicant Requirements page for additional information.

Application Deadline Dates

Semester Date
Spring Early Action August 1
Spring Regular November 15
Fall Early Action March 1
Fall Regular June 1

Transfer from Maryland Public Institutions

Currently, applicants who have attended Maryland public institutions may be admitted in accordance with the criteria previously outlined. The university subscribes to the policies set forth in the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) and Board of Regents transfer policies. When the number of students desiring admission exceeds the number that can be accommodated in a particular professional or specialized program, admission will be based on criteria developed by the university to select the best-qualified students.

Articulated transfer programs are available at each Maryland public community college. An articulated transfer program is a list of courses that best prepare applicants for a particular course of study at UMD. Applicants who take appropriate courses specified in the articulated program and earn acceptable grades are guaranteed transfer with no loss of credit. Articulated transfer programs help students plan their new programs after changing career objectives. More information about the articulation system (ARTSYS) is available online. Applicants are encouraged to follow articulated programs to enhance their transition to UMD.

Transfer Credit

For more information on receiving transfer credit at UMD, please see the Transfer Credit section of this catalog.